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We all need a little inspiration to take our grind to the next level. What better way than to learn more about the young men and women who are paving the way for new ideas, new projects, and new ways to make cash in the process?

Look no further than Global Grind’s Top Entrepreneurs, where we’ll chronicle a day in the life of the most intriguing and remarkable millennials in America. This video and editorial series will profile 10 young, adventurous movers and shakers. From the extreme athlete and the party promoter, to the Hollywood publicist, we’ll give you an inside look at the folks that shape the New Cool of our generation. So, who’s up next?

Meet Nadia Aboulhosn.

With her very own self-titled blog, this brunette beauty has influenced culture by defying the view of plus-sized models in fashion. As the number of users who flock to her fashion blog continue to rise, Nadia’s success is skyrocketing – and her modeling accolades continue to add up.

While most of Nadia’s day is spent handling business, such as pitching herself to various brands, there is a bigger purpose behind her work: encouraging self-love among people of all shapes and sizes.

For more, watch Nadia break it all down in the video up top, plus follow GG for the next Top Entrepreneur in the series, sponsored by the Honda HR-V Crossover.

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