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Despite this week’s report, Iggy Azalea is still signed to T.I.

The “Check, Run It” rapper stopped by HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning yesterday and dropped a bombshell, saying he had ended his business relationship with the “Fancy” rapper.

The thing is, sources close to Iggy reveal differently:

“She didn’t know there was a problem since T.I. is still collecting publishing checks and acting like everything is normal between them.”

T.I. told Ebro why he decided to distance himself from Iggy:

“I’m loyal partner and If I rock with you I rock with you. Right or wrong. We’ll discuss that later in the car. But right now, I’ma block the bullets, but when I say go…go. Just go. Don’t stand around and talk while I’m blocking bullets. I just feel “they” [Iggy’s team] needed some time to adjust.”

Those comments completely blindsided Iggy. For her, the issues he was describing are very personal, and she feels we all get hot-headed at times.

Iggy might have a point. Earlier this week, T.I. and Tiny were both involved in separate social media arguments. Our sources claim Iggy would never go on any radio station and talk badly about T.I. because he’s family, and that makes the team look crazy.

Let’s hope T.I. and Iggy work this out between the two of them.


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