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Today marks Young Jeezy‘s 38th birthday, and the “Trap Or Die” rapper has come a long way. While still rapping countless street bars, Jeezy has also had several sobering moments in an attempt to better the country.

Here are Young Jeezy’s most political moments ever.

President Obama Name-Dropping Young Jeezy at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Jeezy didn’t actually have to do anything this time around, it was all President Obama. During the White House Correspondents’ dinner, Obama said, “In my first term, I sang Al Green. In my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy.” Though most of the room probably had no idea who he was talking about, the hip-hop heads watching at home knew. President Obama even said he sings Young Jeezy songs to Michelle sometimes, and used his infamous “Yeahhh” ad lib. It was at that moment we knew Barry’s second term would be lit.

Releasing “My President”

Upon President Obama’s first win in 2008, America’s pride and hope for real change was at an all-time high. Young Jeezy took that feeling and channeled it into an amazing record that still knocks to this day: “My President.” It’s here that Jeezy shows off his political prowess and rap skills, as he effortlessly spit rhymes like, “Bush robbed all of us, would that make him a criminal?/And then he cheated in Florida, would that make him a Seminole?” The Snowman even got Nas, one of the most forward-thinking rappers of our generation, to lend a verse on the certified hit. Let’s not forget that Jay Z got wind of the track and completely bodied it. Everyone remembers his snarky line: “My President is black, in fact he’s half-white/So even in a racist mind he’s half right.”

Writing An Open Letter

Just last month, Young Jeezy felt the need to write an open letter addressing crime-ridden neighborhoods, and the overwhelming theme this year of unarmed Black men being killed. He said he hopes to inspire people in poverty-stricken neighborhoods to become better and not consider prison or death an option. He also speaks on the age-old tale of having to hustle because there are no other options. He said, “They ask us why we hustle? To feed our families; to take care of our households; to pay our bills on time. Just like any other American. The only problem is there’s not enough jobs and opportunities for everyone,” Jeezy continues. “As a matter of fact, people are being laid off at an alarming rate.” This is a rare moment in which Jeezy opened up on life outside of rap.

Critiquing Donald Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

Donald Trump has been very honest about what changes he’d like to make as a GOP presidential candidate. And though he’s been very entertaining and wildly disrespectful to every group of people you can think of, he’s garnered a lot of attention. Even Young Jeezy felt the need to address the fact that he’s a great businessman – but a less than ideal president. Jeezy said, “I don’t think he’s capable of being the commander-in-chief. He has the ego, but he doesn’t have the charisma,” continues Jeezy. “Sometimes other things outweigh money…I don’t think he’s a leader. I think he’s a great businessman, but I don’t think he’s a leader. If he’s elected president, what does that mean for the middle class?” This isn’t the first time Jeezy had Trump on his mind; how could we forget the song  “Trump,” off his The Real Is Back 2 mixtape four years ago?

SOURCE: Daily Beast | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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