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A breakup is never easy, especially when it comes to one of hip-hop’s greatest dynasties – Cash Money.

The latest tip in the turmoil-filled saga says Lil Wayne has letters from Tyga’s and Drake’s camps claiming neither rapper received all the money they’re owed. There’s a separate letter from Nicki Minaj’s people saying that her producers got shortchanged as well. Wayne claims it’s Cash Money’s responsibility to pay the producers, not the responsibility of the individual artist, according to TMZ.

Lil Wayne’s sub-label Young Money was also supposedly entitled to a hearty share of a $100 million advance from Universal Records, and he’s apparently yet to see a dime. But Cash Money doesn’t want to hear any of it. The label has reportedly given YM over $90 million in the form of advances, royalties, and recording costs for a bunch of Young Money artists.

In fact, if anyone was wronged, it may have been Cash Money. Young Money was set to release 21 albums over seven years, and only delivered thirteen.

As the plot thickens, it looks like Young Money artists still want their cash money.


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