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Sabrina Burk lost her fiancé and four of her six children in a car crash last Sunday, and her mother was left to tell her the devastating news, WSB-TV Atlanta reports.

Burk was driving the car that was carrying her family — fiancé Lysander Smith, sons LJ, 14; QT, 6; Trey, 3; and daughter Epiphany, 7 — when for some unknown reason she crossed the median on Interstate-10 near Tallahassee, Florida and crashed into a pickup truck.

No one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt, according to investigators.

Burk, who has been hospitalized since the incident, recently had her breathing tubes removed and her mother Helen Burk said it was time that she was told the devastating news.

“It’s very hard, you know. I don’t know how to do it. It’s going to be hard to do it, and I don’t know. I’m scared she’s going to have a setback when she finds out,” Helen Turk said.“Four of her kids gone, and her fiancé gone,” Turk continued, “that’s going to be hard, even hard for me, and I’m not even in the hospital like that. But they want me, us to be there. But God have mercy, I hope be [sic] the one to break down.”

Kavardale Turk, one of Sabrina Burk’s two surviving sons who now live with their grandmother, said that his father, who died in the crash, would want him to be “the man of the house”:

“For ever and ever, we will remember my sisters and brothers,” Karvardale wrote in a letter. “They’re looking down hoping I won’t cry. I love them with all of my heart,” he read. “I am the man of the house. My dad passed away. The family is crying, but they know he is in a better place. He wants me to be the man of the house.”The estimated cost for each funeral is $10,000. The Turk family is accepting donations to help with expenses.


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