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Who runs Spotify? Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran has broken a new record on Spotify as the first artist to reach 500 million plays for a single song. Ed’s 2014 smash single “Thinking Out Loud” currently has half a billion plays on the streaming service.

Upon hearing the news, the UK singer/songwriter released a cheeky statement:

“Chuffed to hear that ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has had half-a-billion plays on Spotify, being the first artist to hit that milestone is amazing. Thanks to all the people who use this as a wedding song, soundtrack to a date, and as a way to woo someone into a Netflix and chill situation.”

Spotify also released a geographical analysis of where Ed’s music is played the most. The UK, Denmark, and Finland top the list for plays, but Ed is also popular in the United States, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Congrats, Ed!


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