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Will Ferrell is one of the most hilarious actors to ever grace Hollywood. From Old School to Anchorman and The Other Guys, Will has left his comedic touch in every film he chooses. To commemorate his efforts, one bar in the Lower East Side of New York City— named Stay Classy New York — is offering a wide array of cocktails named after Ferrell’s movies.

In an interview with PEOPLE, business partners Zach Neil and Brian Link explain why they teamed up to open a bar based on Mr. Ferrell.

“In business, there’s always a chance that you lose your money and fail, so we said we might as well do something that we think is funny and represents what we love that way if we lose we can still laugh about it,” Neil tells PEOPLE. “Will Ferrell movies are our favorite — we love the man and his work — so it was easy for us to create this landscape of ridiculous things and theme it accordingly.”

There’s even a wall of artwork dedicated to the great.

“There is an entire proper art gallery commissioned my local and national artists whom have painted sculpted and drawn custom art for the Will Ferrell character theme gallery,” Neil tells PEOPLE.

But make sure if you guys decide to hit the bar, please, stay classy.