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Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is being criticized for a skit that body-shames rapper Nicki Minaj during a parody about her upcoming ABC Family sitcom.

It was recently announced that the “Only” rapper would executive produce a sitcom for the network based on her childhood and timeline to international stardom. DeGeneres, a friend of the artist, aired a parody on The Ellen Show this week depicting little Onika — as well as her parents and family dog — with large buttocks.

Each family member says their campy lines while knocking over objects with their derrieres, reducing the show and Minaj’s image to her infamous behind.

Minaj’s projections of womanhood, independence, and self-worth have in a way eclipsed her imagery as a sex symbol, a change new and old fans acknowledge and welcome. And given her recent interview with the New York Times about the importance of Black women and Black culture, fans were shocked to see DeGeneres take the route of mocking Black women for their bodies.

It must be noted, however, that Minaj has in the past joked about her behind with her famous friend. Last year, the talk show host did her own version of the “Anaconda” video while the rapper was a guest.

She also dressed up as Nicki for Halloween last year. Minaj even gave her seal of approval.

Their friendship may have made DeGeneres feel comfortable poking fun at Nicki’s body, but many feel differently, calling the skit racist and degrading.

Check out the parody here and let us know if the comedian crossed a line in the comment section below.

SOURCE: Gawker | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

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