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Her bump may be early to the party, but it’s not what you think.

Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen shared the first shot of her growing baby bump on Instagram, and many fans responded with wild speculation. In the world of celebrity pregnancies, you’re either too big, too small, or in this case: expecting twins or triplets.

One Twitter user wrote: “damn you got big fast! My bestie is due in Feb and she’s 1/2 your size. Not twins? Probably triplets!”

But Chrissy was quick to shut down all the noise, tweeting: “I did IVF. One at a time. It isn’t twins. I can see the damn thing. Get out of my uterus!

We’re sure Chrissy’s hubby John Legend is relieved. She continued: “Please stop. I put one embryo in. I have ultrasounds every few days. I didn’t announce my pregnancy at a week.

In fact, E! News reports that she is three-months along. Despite all the gossip, the 29-year-old remains overjoyed.

Congrats to Chrissy and John!

SOURCE: E!  | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Instagram

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