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Just when you thought Burger King’s black bun was as bad as it could get.

Colored buns have basically become a thing in fast food, and we’re not sure why. Now, McDonald’s is the latest chain to jump in on the trend, as the fast food giant debuted a new gray-bunned burger.

Dubbed the Modern China Burger, or pretty unappetizing depending on who you’re talking to, the creation consists of a pork patty, bacon, lettuce, and Sichuan Thousand Island dressing. As of now, it’s only available in China. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Images of Mickey D’s new creation have begun to circulate and social media is exploding, with one user dubbing it “the color of despair.” Ouch. Check out more responses below.

Still, the bun seems to be getting good reviews in China. After all, it’s a steamed mantou bun, which is pretty popular over there.

If you’re feeling brave enough to try this burger, prepare to stamp your passport ASAP: it’s only on the menu until November 3.

SOURCE: Elite Daily, Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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