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Yesterday, Penelope Disick was spotted with a handbag that many adults can’t even afford. Let that sink in.

The three-year-old strolled into King Cairo‘s birthday party carrying a yellow Monster bag by Fendi, which retails for $1,550. We couldn’t help but be somewhat envious. Sometimes, it’s OK to wish you were born into the Kardashian family (especially when that means a collection of handbags worth more than your college tuition).

But to P, it’s probably NBD, as she’s been stunting with expensive purses since she was old enough to walk. Literally.

It’s clear that expensive taste runs in the family. Click through the gallery below for more adorable pictures of Penelope with her collection of miniature handbags.

PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Tumblr

Penelope Disick & Her Very Expensive Purses
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