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If you’re planning on covering up your (alleged) cheating, you might not want to get your sidepiece to help you out.

A woman told her husband she was going away on business, but it seems like she had other plans in mind. According to Mandatory, the traveling wife decided to take some sexy pics for her husband while she was away and send them over Snapchat. All went well with the first picture, but in the second, her husband saw something out of the ordinary.

On the floor of the hotel room were a pair of men’s boots, which the husband spotted and pointed out to his wife in her text inbox.

The wife insisted she wasn’t cheating, but it looks like this wasn’t the first time she stepped outside of their marriage, as her husband said simply he “can’t go through this again” and was “calling a lawyer.”

Two lessons in this entire ordeal: don’t cheat and remember to always review your Snaps. To see the full set of incriminating photos, click here.

SOURCE: Mandatory | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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