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UFC champ Ronda Rousey continues to break down barriers and other people’s perceptions, and in accordance, she’s featured on the newest cover of Self magazine.

Rousey gives a refreshingly candid interview, in which she reveals she doesn’t want to be considered just a female champion, but wants her name lumped in with the greats like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Here’s her most open moments from the interview below…

On her definition of a badass: 

“Someone who’s willing to do what needs to be done. There are plenty of times where people know and they don’t do it—because it’s not comfortable or easy. If you do what’s right regardless of how it’s going to make you look, then you’re really a badass.”

On what she learned from her mother:

“She’d always tell me that you have to be your best on your worst day, because what if the Olympics fall on a bad day?”

On being the best UFC fighter in the world:

“It’s motivating, because it’s something I have to keep earning. When I was a kid, all I did was train. I never went to a dance, I never had a date, I never went to a single party. Training was my whole life, and it was because I wanted to be able to win the Olympics more than I wanted to go to the movies with my friends. It’s funny, because people get offended by the mind-set that it takes to be the best.”

Rousey has also been using her skills to teach. She’s been training Vin Diesel‘s seven-year-old daughter, and the action star wants to “empower” his little girl to be a “beast.”

According to TMZ, Vin told WENN:

“I made a decision early on that I was going to do everything in my power to empower [my daughter] to handle [trouble] herself. Because of her ‘auntie’ Ronda Rousey she is now an orange belt with stripes in Judo. I’m dealing with it early. I’m creating a beast and I want her to be able to say no means no.”

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