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Aubrey Graham is straight up having a year.

He got the world to purchase a mixtape without thinking twice, got cozy with one of the greatest living athletes, Serena Williams, and bodied Meek Mill three times over, as the uncontested winner over the Philly rapper’s mean case of Twitter fingers.

As a victory lap, he turned a non-album track, “Hotline Bling,” into a #1 single with an infectious, totally meme-able music video – and that mean bachata, though? He’s got the moves like Romeo Santos.

Drake has a lot to celebrate. If you share a birthday with OVO’s finest, or you’re just out this weekend rocking his moves, check out 29 ways to turn up like the man of the hour.

Party with pops.

Reserve that table, and deck it out.

Turn up miles high.

Bring your crew with you.

Ginobli all season.

I know you’ve been practicing.

Keep winners around you.

Maybe try not to get this lit.

Bring out your best bling.

Slow wind.

What a time to be alive.

Flex one time…

But remember where you came from.

Arrive in style.

Take in all the lessons you learned.

Call mom.

Hookah if you hookah.

Make sure you’re charged up.

Know there’s gonna be good times.

Get laced.

Bring your bae, who’s out here doing things.

Thirst trap.

Instagram photos with the crew.

A dope DJ is a must.

Remember little you.

Stay #blessed.

Play a game.

Do something you’ve never done.

Make the city yours for the night.

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