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Lamar Odom is still recovering in the hospital following his near-death experience at a Nevada brothel earlier this month – and his dad, a longtime addict, has not been allowed to visit.

Though initial reports claimed Khloe Kardashian was the culprit behind Joe Odom being blocked from visiting his son while he’s treated, sources tell TMZ Lamar is now communicating with doctors and has been making his own medical decisions, so it’s more than likely he turned his father away.

TMZ reports:

Our sources tell us Lamar’s recovery has progressed to the point that he is communicating with doctors and fully participating in decisions about his treatment. We’re told that’s why Khloe finally decided to leave the hospital a few days ago.

As for what went down when Joe Odom went to the hospital — we’re told Khloe was not even there at the time … so, if anyone blocked Lamar’s dad, it was most likely Lamar himself.

Given Joe’s history with drugs and Lamar’s current situation, that decision was probably for the best. We will continue to update you as new details emerge. In the meantime, keep Lam Lam and his family in your prayers.


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