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Zola grabbed everyone’s attention after an enthralling Twitter story about a “White bitch” named Jessica and two guys named Z and Jarrett who took her on a wild ride to Florida filled with guns, sex, and violence.

She became a trending topic all day on Wednesday and even gained the attention of celebrities like Missy Elliott. But she’s also “captivated” Hollywood execs, who want to make a movie out of her Twitter rant. The Hooter’s waitress/stripper told TMZ that MTV, Vice, and a few independent filmmakers have reached out to her about the story.

Zola told the site she wants Keke Palmer or Meagan Good to play her in a movie or TV series, and after seeing Keke’s sexy new video, we’d have to agree.

What a time to be alive, indeed. A time when a Twitter tale can get you a movie deal.


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