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So this happened.

Viewers of an Australian talk show learned that some of their White neighbors and media personalities are perfectly fine with calling Black people “negroes.”

The Verdict, a talk show that often debates political correctness, went there this week — thanks to former Labor leader Mark Latham — during a discussion regarding whether it was offensive for Australian senator Eric Abetz to describe U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “a negro,” BuzzFeed reports.

While some panelists agreed the term was offensive, Latham used the late Martin Luther King, Jr. to justify calling Black people negroes. He also trolled the panel by agreeing to be the source of the country’s “outrage industry” by repeating the word.

9Jumpin reports:

“The word ‘Negro’ is not offensive,” she said. “It’s used by older black Americans. Martin Luther King used it in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, ‘Negro’ was actually a respected, dignified alternative to really racist terms like ‘n*gger’ and ‘darky’,” Latham continued. “So I must have missed the memo somewhere in the ’90s or more recently as to when ‘Negro’ became unacceptable.

“I’m happy to make my weekly donation to Australia’s outrage industry by saying ‘Negro, Negro, Negro’.”

When another panelist called Latham “White trash,” he continued to fight for the word.

“Well Karl, I could walk through any street in western Sydney and no one would find ‘Negro’ offensive,” Latham declared. “And who are these unelected, self-appointed people who’ve decided that we all need to speak like them? Who are these people?”

Latham’s approach to race isn’t shocking. In the past, he’s slammed domestic violence victims and the disabled. He resigned from his former position as a columnist when his sexist Twitter account was discovered by BuzzFeed in August.

If you can stomach ignorance, check out the debate here.

SOURCE: 9Jumpin, BuzzFeed | VIDEO CREDIT: Vine

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