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Chris Brown is fighting back at TMZ for pretty much calling him a promethazine fiend.

The “Liquor” singer took to Instagram to let fans know TMZ was going to post an unflattering and “bogus” story about him – a story that could endanger his relationship with Royalty.

The story – entitled “CHRIS BROWN SIZZURP IS TAKING OVER HIS LIFE … Say Friends and Family” –  includes video footage and multiple pictures of Breezy supposedly sipping on some Dirty Sprite.

According to TMZ:

Chris’ friends and family are worried for several reasons. The problem has been getting worse over the last few weeks. They say he’s drinking sizzurp around Royalty and they’re worried he’ll lose custody.

To be fair, you can’t tell what’s in the cup – it could be anything from water to juice to lean. There is video, however, of Chris riding around with a double cup while one of his friends carries a medicine bottle. They also say Chris tested positive for Codeine, but since he has a prescription, it wasn’t a factor in his custody battle.

If Breezy is found abusing Codeine – especially in the presence of Royalty – her mother Nia Guzman could use it as ammunition to get sole custody of the little one.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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