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Kylie Jenner has snagged the cover of yet another major magazine, and this time, she’s showing love to her Canadian audience.

The reality star did stunning photo shoot for Elle Canada, where she switched her style up by adding a septum nose ring to her ensemble. Rocking a few different looks for the spread, Kylie keeps up the glam for the initial cover, showing off her blonde locks and curves.

In the magazine, the entrepreneur also spoke on Kris Jenner’s disapproval for her lip fillers, which became a huge controversial topic on social media this year.

“When I got my lips done, I literally told no one! I didn’t tell my best friend or even the guy I liked at the time. I really thought it was no one’s business. My mom was super-against it, but I begged her and begged her and she finally let me do it. After I did them, I thought it was so obvious that I didn’t have to say anything. I never denied it because I always told my publicist ‘no lip questions,’ so no one ever asked me. I never said I got them done, but I never denied it either. But people thought I was such a liar!”

“People were saying I got my chin reconstructed, that I got a nose job, an eyebrow lift, I got my boobs done, this and that. So I wanted to come out and say that this is crazy and I only got my lips done. I don’t think people realize that I just turned 18. There’s no way my mom or any doctor would let me go under the knife like that—that’s just so crazy!”

On sharing more of her personal life with fans:

“That has been pretty organic. But I do think that if you let people in too deep, it gets hard—your fans get too invested, and then they know when you break up and make up. I don’t want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I’d rather keep some things private.”

On her role model, Caitlyn Jenner:

“I just find that because everything is open and honest now, we actually spend a lot more time together. It was really hard for me in the beginning, but now it’s much easier. It’s ‘she’ now, but it was ‘he’ who always had this secret. Now she’s just free and way happier, and it makes me feel more comfortable. It’s cool. She’s the same person—she just looks different.”

To read more, head over to Elle Canada.

SOURCE: Elle Canada | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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