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Construction workers in NYC weren’t lucky enough to find $600 million, but they discovered something much more interesting.

While replacing a water main near Washington Square Park, construction workers found two buried brick roofs, which were later discovered to be crypts, the AP reports. “One of the roughly 15-by-18-foot crypts was clearly disturbed, with the skeletons and skulls of between nine and 12 people pushed into a corner while more than a dozen stacked wooden coffins can be seen in the second one,” said Alyssa Loorya, the project’s principal investigator.

New York’s history is buried under much of the concrete jungle and as inner workings begin to be replaced, some of the city’s past is sure to be discovered.

You never know what you can find beneath the city’s streets,” Loorya said at the site in Greenwich Village. “You bury people to memorialize them, and these people were forgotten,” she added.

The discovery wasn’t a complete surprise, as workers knew that finding some artifacts was a possibility.

We knew we could be encountering remains or other items in this area,” said Thomas Foley, an associate commissioner with the city’s Department of Design and Construction. “We’ll do some exploring to discover what other lanes we might have.”

Anthropologists and archaeologists were told about the amazing discovery and have since set up lights and digital cameras to identify the buried and find out the significance of the site. And because city policy is to leave burial grounds undisturbed, project engineers are planning a new route for the water main.


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