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Just when you thought Birdman could check a problem off his long list of issues, think again.

Jas Prince is looking to move his federal lawsuit against the YMCMB head honcho from Florida to New York, according to TMZ. It’s unclear why Jas has decided to change the state in which he would like to bleed Birdman dry, but he dismissed the court papers in Florida and refiled in NYC.

The original lawsuit stems from a deal Prince made in 2007. The industry vet says he originally discovered Drake and helped him sign to Aspire Music Group, which Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant partially owns. Allegedly, Cash Money agreed to pay Prince 22 percent of whatever they earned off Drake in both profits and advances. And after the crazy amount of success Drake has experienced over the last five years, Jas says that amount has grown to a nail-biting $11 million.

The settlement talks that were so close to being finalized weeks ago are off the table now. Jas Prince wants all he’s owed, not a portion.


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