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Lisa Bonet has managed to stay hot and relevant after over 30 years in the industry.

The actress burst onto the scene in the mid ’80s as Bill Cosby’s rebellious TV daughter, Denise Huxtable. Denise was quirky, cool, fly, and danced to the beat of her own drum.

Art definitely imitated life, because Bonet herself is also an offbeat, super chill personality, and her fashion choices greatly reflect that fearless fly. The 48-year-old actress and mom of three can stand next to her daughter Zoe Kravitz on the red carpet and not be intimidated at all – because we all know where Zoe got her swag from.

In honor of the star’s birthday, we put together a gallery of her coolest and dopest fashion choices over the years. We’re still obsessed.


13 Photos Of Lisa Bonet’s Coolest Fashion Moments
Lisa Bonet
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