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Earlier today, actor Charlie Sheen announced he is, in fact, HIV positive.

For weeks, rumors have swirled about an unnamed A-list actor who contracted the HIV virus and was paying millions to keep it on the down-low. After countless blind items, Charlie Sheen appeared on NBC’s The TODAY Show this morning to reveal he’s the HIV positive star the industry’s been whispering about.

Hollywood’s once highest-paid television actor is no stranger to controversy. From domestic violence accusations and stints in rehab, to his insatiable appetite for adult film stars, Charlie’s often found himself on the shadier side of media coverage. After starring in the Oscar-winning film Platoon in 1986, the “winning” actor has been on a roller coaster of highs and lows – lots of lows.

In 1990, Charlie made headlines for “accidentally” shooting his former fiancée, actress Kelly Preston, who’s now married to John Travolta. Soon thereafter, he found himself on the stand as the star witness in Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss’ court trial after she outed him as her most high-profile client.

Not to mention, there was Charlie’s infamous meltdown in 2011, when a series of bizarre behavior and rants about “winning” and “tiger blood” consistently landed him on the front page of every media outlet for months.

With his HIV status now public, the Anger Management lead vowed to clean up his act and become an upstanding citizen.

Here’s a timeline of the 50-year-old’s troubled past, including all the “goddesses” he dated, married, and “partied” with along the way.


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