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On this week’s Extra Butter, Michael B. Jordan gives us an inside look at how he transformed into Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed. In this latest telling of the Rocky story, Adonis has to find himself within the legacy of his father, the greatest boxer to ever live inside the Rocky world.

In order to do this, he goes to the man who took Apollo to the limit, Rocky Balboa – once again played by Sylvester Stallone. Michael spoke to us about some of his dramatic scenes with Sly, as well as working with Tessa Thompson, who plays his love interest Bianca. Tessa had to figure out how to bring Philly to life on camera. She tells us about becoming a Philly girl and wanting some alone time with Michael in order to work up a bit of chemistry.

Then, Creed director Ryan Coogler tells us about how and why he pitched this new version of Rocky to Sly, and Sly chimes in with an explanation of how Ryan’s passion made him agree to work on the film.

You can catch Michael, Tessa, and Sly in Creed in theaters everywhere Thanksgiving Day.

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