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Who knew Michael B. Jordan was this charismatic?

The Fruitvale Station actor sat down with The Breakfast Club for what turned out to be a funny and enlightening interview across the board. Michael’s charm hit (even with Charlamagne trolling him in the background) and ultimately, we learned a lot about what makes him tick as an actor, the kind of women he likes, his relationship with longtime friend and director Ryan Coogler, and more.

The handsome New Jersey native assures us he loves the “sisters,” and says he never dated Kendall Jenner or Iggy Azalea, though he does know Iggy from around the way. He also talks about how he plans to create change for Black lives, not continuously portraying Black stereotypes, the pressure he felt as a kid because of his famous name, and Charlie Sheen’s positive HIV status.

Watch the casual and candid conversation above and be sure to check out his latest big screen offering, Creed, on Thanksgiving. If you’re not a fan of Michael B. Jordan’s already, this quick chat will win you over.


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