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And you thought TV’s first interracial kiss was between Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura in 1968.

The British Film Institute has debunked the long-standing fact by uncovering footage of the 1962 British play adaptation You In Your Small Corner. In the movie, a young man moves from Jamaica to Brixton to study at Cambridge, and falls in love with a White woman.

Upon uncovering the footage, BFI’s creative director Heather Stewart reiterated its place in history:

This groundbreaking TV play is such an important rediscovery. A document of British social history, it demonstrates the role of progressive television drama as a reflection of our society and underlines the vital work of the BFI National Archive as the guardian of our national memory. Fifty years on, diverse on-screen representation is still an urgent issue and we must continue as an industry to effect much-needed change.”

While a lot of things have improved in the 53 years since the film aired, it’s clear the world still has a ways to go.

The British Film Institute will screen You In Your Small Corner at BFI Southbank in London on Sunday, December 13.


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