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Damn, not the inside job.

YG sat down with The FADER for its December issue to discuss his forthcoming sophomore album, Still Krazy, falling out with DJ Mustard, and getting shot back in June.

When asked about his brief beef with Mustard, YG dismissed the drama, saying, “That’s how it be sometimes when niggas is, like, homies and business. We solid. We A1.

YG also revealed he thinks he was shot in June by someone he knows. “That was some inside type, somebody-was-really-coming-to-get-me type shit,” he told The FADER.

It was like n*ggas knew where we was at, and they was coming to do what they was supposed to do. I feel like this: Los Angeles County is sick right now. It’s bad. Everybody mad out here right now. All the young motherf*ckers, they getting money, they motivated. We had something to do with that because we came up. It brought opportunity for motherf*ckers and shed more light on the West Coast. The music shit start popping again out here…We got something to do with that. But at the same time, it’s a lot of motherfuckers that’s mad because they see what Im doing, and they want my spot so bad.”

YG’s issue of The FADER will hit newsstands on December 15. Still Krazy is set to drop sometime in 2016.


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