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Kobe Bryant is known for his competitive edge and, at times, less than stellar attitude. Still, he’s managed to make a few friends in his storied 20-year career.

When the “Black Mamba” wrote the foreword for Caron Butler‘s book he discussed the four closest teammates he’s had as a Los Angeles Laker, which includes Caron. Kobe says:

It’s very rare for me to open up to somebody like that, but I just had a connection with him. He’s one of my favorite teammates.

When that happens, it makes the season better. It doesn’t always happen. It’s not something that I need to happen, but there are certain players that I just automatically get along with. You gravitate to each other because you eye to eye on things and you get along extremely well. And Caron was one of those players.

There aren’t many like that. There’s Caron, there’s Pau, there’s D. Fish, and Ronnie Turiaf. That’s four guys in a twenty-year career.

Derek Fisher is an obvious choice, but the rest are head-scratchers. Is anyone really surprised that Shaq didn’t make Kobe’s short list, despite being part of the one-two punch that won them three really big rings together?

In other Kobe news, the Lakers are sluggish this season as they’ve gotten off to an abysmal 2-12 start. What a time to be Kobe Bryant.


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