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One of 2015’s most controversial breakthrough rappers may be on the verge of signing to one of hip-hop’s most iconic labels.

During newly surfaced footage published by VladTV, King Yella can be seen sitting in on a three-way conversation allegedly between Slim Jesus and Birdman, with the latter attempting to sign the Hamilton, Ohio rapper to his Cash Money Records label.

Although the video has yet to be verified, the voices do appear to resemble that of Slim Jesus and Birdman, although various commentators online are questioning the authenticity.

“What’s cracking? I wanna f-ck with you,” the person said to be Birdman can be heard saying in the clip. “I know you got a lot of n-ggas hollering at you, I wanna see what’s happening with you… I don’t wanna waste your time or mine… I think you special [and] someone we can fuck with. I’d like to come see you or you come see me and tell me what’s happening… I respect it, but I think I can change the way y’all living and make this shit pop off. I ain’t tripping on the money, I just know what I can do for his talent [with the] music and everything y’all about. I know what I can do.”

“I got the biggest system in the world,” the individual continues. “I am the biggest sh-t in the world… I got the biggest artists in the world. We rotate that sh-t. Wayne, Drake, Nicki. We the biggest sh-t popping. And I got the biggest system. And I just think that he got opportunities with what’s going on and [if] we pull up the right song I know this sh-t could be big.”

Towards the end of the conversation, the person said to be Birdman passes comment on the ongoing situation between Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne.

“Wayne ain’t going nowhere, man. I don’t know what you be hearing, man. Wayne, one-thousand. That’s my son, man. He ain’t going nowhere. At the end of the day, ain’t nobody going nowhere, man. F-ck what you read… I bring you right to Wayne, my n-gga, that’s my son.”

However, taking to Instagram yesterday, Birdman appeared to denounce the footage by posting a picture of Caskey, who Birdman describes as the “only white rapper on CMB #richgang Woop.”

Watch footage of the three-way conversation above.

SOURCE: VladTVInstagram, YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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