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The 2015 Soul Train Awards were one of the best in recent years, between Erykah Badu hosting, the Babyface tribute, Jill Scott‘s “Lady Of Soul” honor, and more.

However, one of the most talked about moments of the night was Ms. Badu shading Iggy Azalea by saying that what she does, “definitely isn’t rap.” The crowd and the internet went wild.

Now that the dust has settled, Iggy ended her month-long social media hiatus to address the shade. “We are days from 2016, but i came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, fucking hell,” she tweeted. “Seems exhausting. Anyway – Ive been enjoying the holiday season and i hope you all have too.”

In case you were patiently waiting for new Iggy music, she went on to share that she’s waiting on other artists to record their features and there are complications between her record label in the U.S. and the UK.

Oh, and her horse has Lyme disease.

Not that we don’t empathize with her horse, but when you have nearly six million followers and you tweet once a month, we’re sure her fans were expecting more substantial updates.

Check out the rapper’s subtle jabs at Erykah below. Do you think Iggy can make a comeback in 2016?


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