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The hookers who were with Lamar Odom during his overdose at a Nevada brothel are back to work and cashing in on their newfound fame.

TMZ reports:

Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe returned to Love Ranch South earlier this week. As we reported, they’d been banished by owner Dennis Hof who suspected they were less than truthful about what went down with Lamar.

After a thorough investigation, Hof believes the story his girls were selling and now they’re back at The Love Ranch. And business is popping. A ton of Johns have reportedly come in asking for a night with “Lamar’s chicks.”

Via TMZ:

Hof says the real cache is the room Lamar had booked. There’s now a 1 month waiting list for the suite, and 16 want the room for at least one overnight stay. 

And get this … if anyone pays more than $500 while they’re at the Ranch, whenever possible Hof will show them the room.

In the meantime, the girls took to social media to flaunt their goodies. Ryder even sent Lamar some get well wishes.


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