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Release an awkward minute-and-a-half-long video while donning a soft pink OVO sweatsuit – that’s how Drake is closing out 2015.

In support of the opening of the OVO Flagship store in L.A., Drake accompanies a young woman rocking his recently released ladies collection on a scenic drive through Hollywood. The scene begins at the YOLO ranch, where Drake holds his bae close and can’t help himself from nuzzling his face into her hair. The duo then embarks on an evening trip through the Hills, but not before Drake soulfully looks into the camera as he rolls down the window of his Ferrari.

The Liam MacRae-directed clip features too many uncomfortable moments in which Drizzy stares at us for one second too long.

Isn’t Drake too busy to drive stick? Be sure to check out the OVO L.A. store, which opens December 5 at 11 a.m.

SOURCE: October’s Very Own

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