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Remember that time when Ayesha Curry got roasted on Twitter for having an opinion and dressing how she wants?

Well her husband, Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry, has stepped up in her defense, believing that Ayesha did nothing wrong by saying she likes to dress “classy.” Not one to run to Twitter, Steph gave his thought-out response on the matter to CSN’s Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. She then released his statement in a set of tweets:

Steph did add a bit of fuel to the fire by posting this selfie on his Instagram:

But with a wife that beautiful, can you blame him?

Steph says he’s proud of the way his wife handled the situation, and enjoyed the memes that came out of it. It’s safe to say the Curry family won again.

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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