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Bow Wow just put out a PSA and it’s all about the dab.

Something ruffled the rapper’s feathers on Monday, so much so, he recorded a one minute, 30 second video to enlighten us about the dance’s marijuana origins.

Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, expressed his disdain for the dabbing elderly, as well as the sudden commercialism surrounding the dance.

He tells his Facebook friends:

“We got the whole world dabbing and they don’t even understand or know what dab is. First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana. It’s the purest form of marijuana. It’s extremely strong.”

Then continues:

“There you go, I just helped you out. That’s the origin of it. So when you see these old people on the news, CNN, and these sports anchors that do it because they see Cam Newton do it or because they see NBA players do it – we come from the culture, we know what it is. It’s y’all that don’t know.”

Though it seemed the dad was just trying to help parents keep a closer eye on their children, his fans are not here for the good deed. One fan even reminded Bow Wow that he used to crip walk when he was just a tot.

Another begged him to let people dab in peace.^tfw

A couple well-known artists spoke out as well, including Migos, who has a song called “Bitch Dab.”^tfw

Damn. Soon after, Bow Wow shared this post – for his haters, obviously.

Watch his PSA above and let us know if you think Bow Wow did too much.

SOURCE: Facebook, Twitter

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