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If you remember Craig David, then you may be hype to know that he is working on his epic music comeback.

The R&B crooner stopped by BBC 1Xtra, where he did an in-depth interview with the hosts, revealing some information that may blow our minds.

Craig implied that him and Drake could soon work on a mixtape together, which may even see the light of day.

He told the hosts, “When the time is right, when it’s really right, and there’s the Craig David/Drake mixtape, I promise you, not on a ‘get gas, beg a man to be on his record’ kind of thing, because he’s the hottest thing right now.”

The singer made sure to let us know now that it’s not set in stone, but we’ll all be sure to keep hope of it happening.

David talks about the mixtape possibility at around the 9-minute mark, so tune in above.


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