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As fans reel over LeBron‘s lifetime deal with Nike, the King himself has taken to Bleacher Report‘s “Uninterrupted” to talk to the fans.

LeBron stunts a little bit as he records the video in one of his sneaker closets. (How many does he have?) To prove his appreciation for the Swoosh, he digs through his closet to show off the sneaker that started it all – the Nike LeBron Zoom Generation. It was his first signature sneaker as an 18-year-old fresh into the league. He remembers being a kid in Ohio and seeing all of his friends rocking Jordans and Barkleys, which made him envious. Now he has his own signature sneaker – 13 of them, to be exact.

LeBron recalls some of the biggest moments in his career by remembering what sneakers he was wearing, like playing in Madison Square Garden and winning his two championships. As he spoke about the great history he shares with Nike, we can only imagine what greatness still lies ahead.

Check out LeBron’s quick video above and be jealous of the sheer amount of kicks he keeps lying around.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report

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