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The year 2015 gifted hip-hop fans with many presents, but none seemed to have more impact than the #FutureHive. The go-hard fan base for rapper Future has increased to overwhelming levels, having taken over the Internet completely in the last year.

Future Hendrix has delivered tons of greatness for his followers in the past 12 months, including his second studio album, Dirty Sprite 2, a slew of mixtapes, and even a collaborative project with Drake. The “Real Sisters” crooner has made everyone want a pair of Gucci flip-flops, and taught us what we do when we wake up, you know, before we brush our teeth.

Freebandz even became a tattoo on Blac Chyna‘s hand at one point.

From the impeccable memes of him and his influence, to becoming your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, here’s why 2015 was the year of Future.

Peep the gallery below to see how Future Hendrix changed the world.


How Future Changed The World In 2015
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