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Meek Mill is fighting for his freedom after he violated parole in order to be by Nicki Minaj‘s side at the American Music Awards. The “Wanna Know” rapper is on probation from a 2009 gun and drug charge, so before he travels anywhere outside Philly, he needs permission from his probation officer. Well, this time he left without getting said permission.

Meek was in court yesterday for a violation hearing and Nicki took the stand to defend her man.

According to TMZ, Nicki wants to have a private meeting with Meek and the judge so her bae can prove he’s a changed man. Nicki believes the judge would be impressed with Meek’s charity work.

She also said Meek’s kind of a nimrod when it comes to scheduling trips, and if she was put in charge of his calendar there wouldn’t be another problem. Meek is currently her opening act.

However the judge might be a Drake fan, because she said out loud that she thought Meek was “thumbing his nose at her.” The case is on recess for a week. While Nicki did defend her man’s honor on the stand, she didn’t say she was going to marry him, even though Meek’s lawyer said his client really wants to tie the knot.

The Pinkprint rapper was rocking a huge rock that Meek gave her, and people are calling it an engagement ring…or a birthday present.

Sources close to Nicki tell us she’s very open with her friends … she’s “deeply in love” with Meek, says he’s a “good man” and loves him very much.

We all know how private Nicki is, so this could be an example of them keeping things under wraps – or the ring could just be a birthday present. Let’s hope Meek beats this jail charge first.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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