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Things aren’t looking great for Stitches

The Miami rapper found himself in the middle of a physical altercation with The Game’s manager during Art Basel last week. It all went down after a heated social media exchange, resulting in Stitches showing up to the club Game was partying at.

We all heard about that fight, but according to new footage, there was another less than 24 hours later.

It seems members of Stitches’ crew turned their backs on him. A video of Stitches getting punched several times while in his car surfaced on the web and according to TMZ:

A source close to the rapper says the people delivering this smackdown were all current or former members of Stitches’ crew. We’re told one guy thought Stitches was setting him up to get robbed — so he arranged a meeting last Saturday at a Florida barbershop.

After that, he had a little message for those who instigated the fight. Thoughts?


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