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Nicki Minaj won’t let anyone get away with saying anything slick about her – and rightfully so.

The Queens rapper took it to Twitter to remind everyone why she’s been the hottest female rapper in the game for years on end. The rant began when Bossip tweeted “Why aren’t there more mainstream female rappers?”

The gossip site’s followers followed up by questioning Nicki’s place in hip-hop, Bossip retweeted the comments, and Nicki quickly spoke up:

After she caught wind of the debate, Nicki started replying, saying with all that she’s accomplished, it’s no wonder she’s considered one of the greats in rap.

With 2015’s clapback season coming to a close, Nicki made sure to end her argument with grace and a little sting. Meanwhile, Bossip replied saying they retweeted people’s responses to continue the discussion, not because they were supporting.


SOURCE: Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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