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Yeezy Season 1 may have sold out in stores, and fans may be (not so) patiently waiting for the release of Yeezy Season 2, but not everyone in America is on the Kanye West bandwagon.

Tim Gunn is the latest celebrity to slam Ye’s clothing line and sense of style. During an interview with the NY Daily News, the Project Runway star had this to say when asked about the rapper:

“I’m on record having said (his fashions) are basic, what a dear friend of mine Grace Mirabella (former editor in Chief of Vogue) calls, dumb clothes. It’s not fashion,” Gunn said. “They’re dumb clothes and they’re expensive, dumb clothes. I’ve always said the only thing dumber than his clothes is the people who buy them.”

And Tim didn’t stop there. The fashion guru went on to slam Kanye’s equally famous wife and in-laws as “vulgar:”

“I’m always saying to young people and actually even to adults, I don’t care what you wear as long as you don’t dress like a Kardashian. It’s vulgar, period,” Gunn says. “But that’s what they are. I believe that their place in history will be because of this phenomenon that really is about nothing. And aren’t people getting bored of it?”

Ouch. In fact, Tim is so uninterested in the Kardashian phenomenon, he can’t even tell Caitlyn and Kylie apart.

“Then to read a headline ‘Learn Caitlyn Jenner’s beauty secrets!‘ She’s a kid!’ he said, before we corrected him that Kylie is actually the youngest and Caitlyn was formerly Bruce Jenner. ‘I mean Kylie sorry. I get all the K’s confused’ Gunn said. ‘And I want to say this about Caitlyn. I have the greatest respect for what she has done and been through, but no I’m not a fan of the style.’”

Tell us how you really feel, Tim.


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