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Kim Kardashian is already shedding major pounds after giving birth to her second child with Kanye West.

While livestreaming with none other than Caitlyn Jenner last night, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV star revealed a few things: she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy with Saint West, she’s already lost 17 pounds since welcoming the latest addition to her family, and her ideal weight is 120 lbs.

From E! Online:

The new mom-of-two, who never actually showed herself throughout the live stream, tells Caitlyn that she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, something that she has also shared with fans, but revealed that she was 130 pounds when she got pregnant and was 190 pounds at the end. “I almost died,” she said.

She continues to add that she was 124 pounds when she got married, so her goal is to lose 70 pounds to reach her ideal weight of 120. As of today, Kim shares that she’s lost 17 pounds, thanks to eating healthy and breastfeeding. “You are looking much better,” Caitlyn tells Kim, who responds, “I am feeling much better.”

Kim also said she will show off soon, but admits the recovery process is harder this time around:

The brunette beauty says she will “reveal” herself soon, explaining that “it’s not even about how I look…no makeup and sweats. I know I have been on social media a little bit, but I wanted this time to not have to care or post something about myself.”

“This feels like a really hard recovery but we will get through it. Everyone does it,” she said. 

We’re just happy she’s healthy – Kim will always be beautiful, heavier or not. If you missed the stream, check out a photo of Cait looking hawt over at E!


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