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As always, Lifetime’s UnREAL is here to right The Bachelor‘s wrongs.

In its most recent effort to show the dating reality series up, UnREAL – a scripted drama that follows a producer on a Bachelor-type reality program – enlists a Black suitor on that aforementioned fake show, titled Everlasting.

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback “Darius Hill” is the chosen hunk, but he isn’t the only addition.

From Vulture:

“Darius Hill is in his mid-20s and plays quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys,” TVLine writes. “He’s a Cam Newton–type who’s sweet, slightly sheltered, athletic (obviously) and a huge crowd-pleaser with both America and the ladies.” There’s also more racial diversity among the contestants, including a  “football-obsessed” white girl, a black southern debutante, an athletic black girl who balks when the producers ask her to play the “Angry Black Woman,” and a “rather trashy” white girl who “shows up to the Everlasting house in a Confederate flag bikini.”

Will you be tuning in as unREAL and Darius tackle race in the TV dating arena?

SOURCE: Vulture | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News

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