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No one seemed to bring us more joy in 2015 than Riley Curry.

The adorable little three-year-old made a grand appearance at her daddy, Stephen Curry‘s post-game press conference during the NBA playoffs this past season, and has been melting hearts ever since.

While we’ve seen tons of athletes’ kids come along and make us laugh, Riley is on a whole new level of cuteness with her sporadic yawns, telling her dad to “be quiet” mid-interview, and singing Big Sean lyrics.

As soon as Riley showed us her spunky side, we couldn’t get enough. Since 2015 has definitely been all about the little princess of the NBA, we decided to take a look back at how she won us over throughout the year.

Watch some of our favorite videos of Riley below.

Take a peek at the gallery to see even more precious moments from our favorite Curry.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram | VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram

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