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Floyd Mayweather has money to blow.

The famed boxer rakes in millions of dollars a year for floating around the ring trying not to get punched. Other than his elite boxing skills, he’s also known for his creative flexing when he poses with his money and some of the crazy things he decides to buy.

There’s a reason he’s the head honcho of the Money Team. Here are some of the craziest ways Pretty Boy Floyd has flexed his overwhelming wealth:

Counting stacks on a PJ.

About how much money do you think is in this photo? Enough to last most of us a couple of years, at least. Ahh, the life of Floyd. This photo of the champion boxer quickly made the rounds on social media. Because, jealous.

Diamonds dancing.

That pinky ring, though. Clearly, Floyd ain’t never scared to show his diamonds on social media, and this jewelry is something serious.

Money bed.

When you’ve got this much cash on hand, it’s understandable when you hire someone to count it for you.

International flex.

That time he casually chilled on a suave yacht, while flexing and listing all of the international destinations he’s visited recently. The boat alone is sure to be worth millions.

Rich people pets.

When your pockets are deep and they never end, get a rare, exotic tiger from India for Christmas. Mike Tyson would be proud.

His Halloween costume.

He’s got so much money, he used it as a prop for your Halloween costume. Floyd’s Dead Presidents costume was pretty dope, and definitely convincing.

Spending $1 Million on a Hublot watch.

When your hands are your money makers, it’s only right that you make sure your wrists are just as important. During a shopping spree in Dubai this week, Floyd decided to drop $1 million on a diamond encrusted Hublot watch. According to TMZ, the watch was just one of the outlandish things he bought during his overseas trip, which included another $400,000 on various other items.

Betting $1.1 million on a college football game.

Floyd has always been sure of himself, so why not put some faith in someone else for once? During the 2013 football season, Floyd bet on a game between USC and Oregon. But he didn’t bet a few hundred bucks, instead he gambled just over $1.1 million. Luckily, Oregon beat the Trojans on the road, 62-51. Floyd also enjoyed watching it. When asked about the ordeal on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, he nonchalantly said, “It was a cool game.”

Buying a $4.8 million car.

His jewelry has to match his fleet of cars. Floyd’s always showing off his white car collection, which consists of 8 vehicles. But none are as impressive as his Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. The hyper car reportedly cost $4.8 million and there are only two in the world. But after making nearly $200 million from the Pacquiao fight, he can definitely afford it.

That time he had $123 million in his checking account.

Floyd must’ve never learned to diversify his bonds. In 2013, an ESPN writer accompanied the Money Team on a visit to a Footlocker in Grand Rapids. Just to flex, Mayweather showed the writer his bank account receipt, and after getting past the sheer amount of digits there were, the writer realized he had $123 million in his checking account. Floyd smiled and said, “One account, baby.”

Gifting his son with a Bentley golf cart.

When the heavyweight spends, it’s not always on himself. Floyd decided to buy his son a golf cart. But not just any golf cart, a Bentley golf cart. We’re not even sure if his son even plays golf, or if he’ll use his new set of wheels to just cruise around the Mayweather estate. It’s a win-win situation.

SOURCE: Auto Week, TMZ, Line Makers, Washington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram, Twitter, The Brand Group

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