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And the award for hottest mug shot of the year will probably go to Bar Refaeli. The Israeli supermodel was arrested for allegedly evading taxes on millions of dollars by lying about where she lived. She’s also suspected of receiving over $200,000 in luxury gifts. According to The Guardian, Refaeli’s home was raided on Wednesday and she was questioned for 12 hours. Read More

In a rare serious moment for Jimmy Kimmel, he decided to take Donald Trump to task. Jimmy asked Trump if he thinks banning all Muslims’ entry into the U.S. seems un-American and Donald just spouted his usual political rhetoric. He even claimed that he received calls after the San Bernardino incident from people supporting the ban. Jimmy just chalked it up to prank calls. Read More

Pope Francis has approved the second miracle of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, making the late missionary a saint. The Vatican announced the amazing news Friday. The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man who suffered from several brain tumors. Mother Teresa also won the Nobel Peace Prize, and she’s now expected to be canonized in Rome in September. Read More

SOURCE: Page Six, BBC, Mashable | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube, Inform

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