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The Wu-Tang album that was supposed to be sold to one person? Yeah, it might leak.

It was originally sold to Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli, but his ethics and recent track record aren’t the most trustworthy. And now, a Redditor claims to have the album and may unleash it today. The accompanying hashtag to celebrate the latest Wu-Tang album is #TuesdayWusday. Redditor and Twitter user Cutie Jewliani started an AMA, but when the story started to pick up steam, he chickened out. Whether the user actually has the album remains to be seen, but you better believe everyone will be keeping their eyes glued on that #TuesdayWusday today.

So far, it seems like the user is keeping their word and going through with the supposed leak. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Pigeons And Planes, Twitter

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