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I’m excited to receive my family tomorrow.

As a single man with kids who are away at boarding school, it gets kind of lonely. This morning’s meditation made me reflect on just how lucky I am. I feel incredibly close to my best friend, Kimora Leissner and her amazing spouse and now my business partner, Tim Leissner. I also feel very close to the father of one of the kids I love the most in the world: (Kenzo Lee)Djimon Hounsou.

When Tim asked me to be the godfather to his and Kimora’s beautiful baby boy, WOLF, I was overwhelmed. Anyhow, with my two biological kids being so sweet, compassionate and excelling in one of the best boarding schools in the world (receiving straight A’s!), I feel so grateful I can’t really express the feelings in words.

While I realize that life is short and ever changing (you never know what’s around the bend), for now I must say this morning meditation produced tears of joy. Thank you KIMORA LEE FOR BEING A STRONG, STRONG EXAMPLE OF EXCELLENCE. You are the best mother on the planet. “YOU PUT THIS THING TOGETHER.”