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More details from the night Laquan McDonald was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer are beginning to emerge. On Thursday audio was released of an officer’s radio call requesting a Taser to restrain the 17-year-old.

In the latest release, The Huffington Post said the audio was turned over to Politico and NBC Chicago after Freedom Of Information Act requests.

The audio reveals that an officer requested a non-lethal Taser before officer Jason Van Dyke and other cops came in contact with McDonald. The teen was accused of scoping out a truckyard and vandalizing cars with a knife on the night of the fatal shooting.

Nearly one minute later, the officer requests paramedics for McDonald. He can be heard referring to McDonald as an offender, while the dispatcher refers to him as a victim.

From Soundcloud at the 5:45 mark:

“Someone have a Taser?” the officer says. “This guy is a walking away but he’s got a knife in hand.”

via Soundcloud:

Let me know when he’s in custody, guys,” a female dispatcher says. “Fire by the police! Gunfire by the police!” an officer yells.

“You guys OK?” the dispatcher says. “Everything’s fine, call an ambulance over here,” another female voice says. 

The call is more than likely to be used in the trial of Van Dyke, who is facing first-degree murder charges for the teen’s death. Van Dyke fired over ten shots towards the teen who was walking away from police squad cars with the knife in his hand.

Surveillance before their encounter was captured at a local Burger King, but many believe key points were deleted by police officers who requested it immediately after the shooting. The video was released to the public on Dec. 3.

Protestors have continued to advocate for McDonald with a protest scheduled for Thursday on the Magnificent Mile luxury retail strip, the same area where protestors called for justice for McDonald last month during Black Friday protests.

Hundreds also took part in protests Thursday at the Mall of America and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport in a call for justice for McDonald and Jamar Clark, a Black male who was shot last month by Minneapolis police.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Getty, Inform, Soundcloud 

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