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As Caitlyn Jenner continues to score awards and headlines for her breakthrough transition, her past as Bruce Jenner hasn’t simply been wiped clean.

Following her involvement in a fatal car crash in Malibu back in February, Caitlyn has settled a lawsuit filed by the the driver of the Prius during the incident.

TMZ reports: “Jessica Steindorff has settled her suit for personal injury and property damage. Sources connected to the case tell us Caitlyn’s insurance company paid the settlement and Caitlyn didn’t have to reach into her own pocket.”

In the accident, Caitlyn’s SUV hit the Prius and forced a Lexus into oncoming traffic. The Lexus was then struck by a Hummer, resulting in the death of Kim Howe.

Although one lawsuit has been settled, two more remain from the crash. The driver and passengers of the Hummer are suing Caitlyn, as well as the adult step-children of Kim Howe.


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